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Hello everyone!

I am sure that, like me, the last few weeks have felt like an eternity. Our beloved Israel is once again under vicious terrorist attack and Jews all over the world are watching on in horror. The rise in antisemitic attacks in our own country have risen to an unprecidented level; and I know I am not alone when I say I feel I would like to contribute and do something concrete to help. Several of us have donated money and goods to both Israel and Israeli families who have come here for some respite.

I have set up Chesed Hats to promote acts of loving kindness between us and Israeli soldiers who are in need of knitted (or crochet) black beanies.

The original idea was set up over 20 years ago by Channah Koppel, the mother of an IDF soldier, but she is no longer actively involved in the project which was called "Hats for Israeli Soldiers" under her care.

Her Blogspot account is still open and on it she shares two points for donation of hats if you are in Israel and the original pattern. The pattern is also available under her name on Ravelry if you are a member.

This group has primarily been set up to match knitters with those that wish to donate but who are unable/unwilling or cannot wield either a hook or two sticks and a bit of string!


So far, I have had several lovely non knitters who would like to donate yarn but are unsure what to buy. The recommendation is for:


I think it would be best to match people here, allow the knitter to purchase the yarn and then the donor can reimburse them.

I will be the point of contact for collection and postage to Israel and I am having some special labels made that say:

"Made with love by your friends at Chesed Hats" and that have a Magen David on them.

I will sew the label into each hat before donation. If you would like to sew them in yourself, you will be able to collect them from me - please message me first. Since Sunday 29th September I have been informed that Black Aran/Worsted yarn is in very short supply in Israel where many dedicated knitters are also creating hats.
There is now an adequate supply of black yarn in Israel and we have sent the first donation of £500/2500 NIS to Israel to pay for yarn for Israeli knitters. This is being handled by Orly at The Gourmet Yarn Shop who will be operating a BOGOF (buy one, get one free) for the yarn.

We also have a fair few people who fly regularly between London and Tel Aviv; it is my aim to ask them to take the hats back and then arrange to get them to the donation point at the Michael Levin Centre for Lone Soldiers in Jerusalem, or Orly at The Gourmet Yarn Shop in Ra'anana.

If you know of anyone that might be willing to take hats back with them, please message us using the purple message button.

The hat is an easy flat knit (or you can knit it in the round with 98 flat or 96 round stitches in Aran/Worsted yarn on UK size 5 needles. It is knitted in 2 x 2 rib to make it nice and stretchy so it will fit a range of head sizes.

All yarn should be non felting and washable; either superwash wool, a wool blend or acrylic etc.

If you are a novice knitter, I am prepared to sew up the hats for you; just leave a nice long tail when you close up the top.

I am a left handed knitter and am only suited to showing/teaching other lefties, but there are several great learn to knit tutorials on the web and I can thoroughly reccomend Very Pink Knits for easy to follow video tutorials.

The benefit of video tutorials is that you can watch them over and over until you feel confident to tackle the project.

I look forward to receiving your hug in a hat (or donation) but not as much as the men and women serving in the IDF.

A great big Chesed Hats THANK YOU!!

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