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Yarn Tails

This has been a truly amazing week for all kinds of reasons. Last Tuesday there was a rather large bee buzzing in my bonnet. I know that the pattern is promoted for us all to use, but I felt I just HAD to get in contact with Channah Koppel who was the original instigator of black knit beanies for the IDF, that started when her son was serving. Channah has retired her needles on this particular project but not before she posted this last June:

Monday, June 20, 2022

It's Time to Say Goodbye Thank you everyone for 15 amazing years! I estimate that over the years we have together distributed about 75,000 hats to soldiers. Who could have imagined that all this would grow out of a little knitting group's desire to do some good in the world? It's been quite the ride, and the best part has been meeting all of you...but now it feels like time to move on. I have not found anyone to take over the project, so Summer 2022 will be our last hurrah. I wish I had the words to thank each and every one of you for all your efforts, kindness and generosity. Please just know that I appreciate you immensely and wish you much joy. May you continue to find warm and loving ways to help others, for many many years to come. xoxo, Channah

I emailed Channah that night and was greeted with a warm and charming response giving Chesed Hats her blessing to continue on her work here in the UK, and in Israel, and wishing us every success. Since that time I have been knitting whenever I get a spare moment, which has included: Strictly (show and results show), while discussing current affairs (actually just me shouting like a loon at BBC news coverage) and during a Zoom case management meeting for a charity I volunteer with. Fortunately, I can knit without looking, and nobody noticed my busy hands while I nodded sagely, added my tuppence-worth, and continued my '2 plain-n-2 purl - rather like a latter day Madame Defarge! Cut to Sunday and several Messenger chats with two lovely ladies, Suzanne L & Ruth G please take a bow, trying to figure out how to get the hats to Israel and how best to provide yarn to Israeli knitters without spending too much of the donated money to get it there. While brainstorming, I came up with the idea that rather than send the actual yarn to Israel, we should instead send the money to purchase the yarn that can then be distributed to knitters. This will pump some much needed money into the economy that is suffering, due to the downturn in tourism, and as my wonderful grandmother used to say: money is round because it is meant to go round. Later on that afternoon I made a telephone call to the wonderful Orly at The Gourmet Yarn Shop in Ra'anana. We had a great chat and she is truly blown away by all your generosity. We will be sending an initial 2500.00 NIS to Orly to buy yarn and which she will distribute to Israeli knitters. Sadly, one of Orly's shop workers has been deeply affected as their family have been kidnapped, your act of loving kindness at this time has really bolstered their morale and as Channah Koppel said 'may we hear good news'. As I sat down to write this my phone pinged to let me know that there was a new post on the Facebook page. Someone's Nine year old had heard about the project and would like to knit a hat. I am truly humbled by how many people want to get involved. I will be writing out an easy to follow knitting pattern for the hat over the coming days so that even novice knitters will be able to tackle the project with confidence. I am sure that if anyone gets stuck, the knitters among us will come to the rescue and help; so please do not feel that you are not up to the task, even if the last time you knitted was a scarf in junior school! It's time for me to 'cast off' now but I will be back with another post very soon.

Sarah x

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