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And sew on...

Procrastination might be the thief of time - and seam sewing - but a 20th wedding anniversary is something to be celebrated. Mr Y and I were married on this day 20 years ago and although neither of us feel much like it, we are going to have a well deserved 'night off'.

There is a bottle of champagne cooling in the fridge and a takeaway will be ordered and I have had the most beautiful flowers delivered too. Sometimes we need to stop, take stock and just smell the roses, be grateful for our small moments of joy in a rather dark world, and be thankful that we are able to help one another through this terrifying and terrible situation. It was fully my intention to sew up the seams on my beanies tonight so that they would be ready to be laundered for sending; but I must confess I have been putting it off for days. I am not the biggest fan of sewing up anything and would much rather knit or crochet than actually complete a garment and would willingly pay someone to do the arduous task and I still have several projects in bags waiting for the stitch fairy to visit! I am now taking a firm hand with myself and will be adhering to the 'stitch as you go' method. This reminded me of the hours, of what felt like corporal punishment, weaving in the ends of a multi stripe crochet blanket. After that, I vowed NEVER to leave the sewing to the very end of a project like that, and to only ever make 'join as you go' granny squares. We are very lucky that several kind souls have offered to do the stitching up for anyone that cannot manage it, but it is a good skill to learn if you can. This is the written explanation of mattress stitch from the Dummies guide:

I am a 'visual' learner so here is a video tutorial that may be more helpful. Mattress stitch makes a nice 'flat' seam so that there is no rubbing where it might dig in under a helmet. Enjoy your knitting AND sewing up! Sarah x

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