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The Whole Megillah!

Do not feel you have to rush through the knitting.  Channah Koppel ran her group for almost 18 years and produced some 75,000 knitted beanies.  I am not expecting to manage that quantiy but I am happy to keep going as long as you are!
The weather is always cold in the North in the Winter, and in the desert at night, and hats will always be a necessity.

Now you have knitted your beautiful beanie/s you are probably wondering how to arrange to have them sent to Israel.

Please wash and dry your hats and then, if you would like, add a short note or message to the recipient and tuck it inside.      We do not have names, but those that receive the hats would be delighted to know who sent them, and that we are thinking about them.
Hats can be dropped into or sent to me at Louis Mann in Edgware and I am currently looking all over the UK for kind people to bring them from the various different counties when they come to London to visit family or friends.
If this is not an option, we can arrange to have items posted and we are happy to pay for this out of the Yarn Fund.

We are ALWAYS looking for kindly souls who might be visiting friends or family in Israel or just going on holiday to take hats back with them.  If you know of anyone who might be able to do this, please ask them to contact me via the form below.
The two points of donation in Israel are:
The Gourmet Yarn Shop in Ra'anana and The Michael Levin Centre for Lone Soldiers in Jerusalem. 
Both addresses are on the 'CONTACT' page.


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